How It Works

How do they work?

Active Shapers clothing is made of a fabric that increases the body’s core temperature during walking, running, sports, exercise or any other physical activity. One can wear Active Shapers clothing while active, regardless of whatever activity one is doing. To feel the change, you need to put them on!

What is Active Shapers clothing?

Active Shapers clothing are synonymous with fitness for everyday wear. Designed with a smart fabric technology that increases core temperature helping your body sweat a lot while wearing them during daily activities.

In short, Active Shapers will be beneficial to you for:

Losing Weight

Maximising the fitness routines

Increasing core body temperature

Slimming down waist, tummy & thighs

Improving the overall well-being

Researches show that if you run at constant speed while wearing Active Shapers clothing, you will be able to burn at least 9.5% more calories as compared to the calories burnt during a 30 minute exercise session wearing standard exercise clothing.

Your energy expenditure increases by approximately 11% during exercising in Active Shapers clothing. Wearing the Active Shapers clothing, exercising at a lower intensity will let you achieve the same cardio workout, as wearing the standard active wear.



You can use Active Shaper any time you are active, no matter what you’re busy doing. Some of its benefits are listed as follows:

Active Shaper maximises your exercise routines as it is very comfortable and easily adapts to the body.

It helps to reduce waist, abdomen, and thighs. You must use them daily even if you don’t exercise; more you use it, the sooner do the results show up!

Active Shaper will make you sweat more if you do your daily activities wearing them. Hence, an increased core body temperature.

You can lose weight with your Active Shaper, combined with an exercise schedule and a diet plan.

It will improve your overall fitness; use them to see the results for yourselves.

Just use them and feel the results.